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Ho-Chunk Inc. finishing solar panel units in Winnebago, NE


The Winnebago Tribe is doing everything it can to become a leader in renewable energy. 

And Ho-Chunk Incorporated is leading the charge. 

"We're doing it to start the process to renewable energy," said Ho-Chunk Inc. President and CEO Lance Morgan. 

As soon as you drive into Winnebago, you'll come across the solar farm. It's just one of 14 new locations around the reservation...and 1,000 new solar panels.

"We already had 500 solar panels at various facilities around the community...we were able to get another thousand," said Morgan. "We'll have 1,500 total which is quite a few for a small town."  

The company received nearly 400-thousand dollars in grants from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs for the additional panels. 

Six solar spots around the reservation...quickly became 20. 

"We put them on every large building we could find and we still had 400 left," said Morgan. 

So they stuck them in the best place they could find....just past the tribal sign...so everyone that enters Winnebago knows its serious about solar power. 

"We're convinced that we need to protect the environment and we're going to do everything we can," said Morgan. 

Protecting the planet - one panel at a time.

Ho-Chunk representatives say the additional solar panels could be finished and operational by next week. 

The total cost for the project is nearly $800,000. 

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