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Iowa officials begin mailing Voter ID's to residents


Iowa voters who don't have a valid driver's license of non-driver's ID will soon be getting in the mail their Voter ID cards. 

On Monday the Secretary of State's office said they have begun mailing 123,000 Voter ID's to residents that would need them. 

Beginning next year, registered Iowa voters will be asked to show their ID's at polling stations before they are able to vote. 

The ID can be any one of the following: a driver's license, a non-operator's ID, a passport, a military ID, a veteran's ID or a voter ID card. 

If you don't have your ID with you, you can still cast a regular ballot.

You will be asked to sign an oath verifying your identity.

But these ID's will be required beginning on January 1, 2019 and must be signed before going to the polls.

Now beginning January 1, 2018, voters who request absentee ballots will be required to include their driver's license, non-operator's ID number or their voter ID pin number on the request form.

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