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UPDATE: Sioux City police arrest North High student after bomb threat made Tuesday


Sioux City police confirmed they have arrested a North High student after the student made a bomb threat on Tuesday. 

Police were called to North High at 9:50 a.m. after a person threatened to blow up the school. 

The threat stated that there were bombs placed in several locations within the school and they would detonate at a specific time. 

Police searched the interior and the exterior of the school and nothing suspicious was found. The students were evacuated for safety purposes. 

Nothing suspicious was found. 

The student was charged with false reporting/concerning the placement of any incendiary or explosive device which is a class D felony. 

The investigation is ongoing. 


"When we received this notification of a threat, we immediately engaged our crisis protocol," said Sioux City Schools Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman. "We immediately engaged the police department."

A bomb threat forced the evacuation of more than 1,000 students from Sioux City North High School.

Tuesday night, the hunt is on for the person responsible.

The 1,500 students, and over 100 staff members, were evacuated to nearby North Middle School after a bomb threat was discovered on Tuesday. 

Sioux City school officials say a bomb threat was discovered on a North High School computer late, Tuesday morning.

A student read a message on a computer game message board that said a bomb would be set off in the school at 1:28 p.m.

Sioux City Schools Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman said in a press conference, this afternoon, students were evacuated from North High School shortly after the threat was reported. 

Gausman says the threat was specific enough to warrant evacuating the building. 

Sioux City Police swept the building during the evacuation and found no sign of a bomb or potential weapon.  

Students' parents were notified via automated phone message after the evacuation. 

District officials say the students' safety is their highest priority.

"Our very first priority, our highest priority is to take care of the students and our staff members," said Gausman. "We understand that our parents want communication as soon as we can get them that communication and so we did our best to give them that communication as early as possible, however, our goal is not to communicate first and evacuate second. It's quite the other way around." 

Students were evacuated to the middle school in 15 minutes. 

They were bussed back to the high school at 2 p.m., took class attendance, and were dismissed at regular time. 

Gausman says the nature of the threat leads he, and police, to believe the threat was made from someone inside the school. 

Police and the district are looking to find who's responsible.

It's unclear what the guilty individual could be charged with. 

Gausman says all evening events at the school will go on as planned, and school will go on as normal on Wednesday. 


Sioux City North High School has been evacuated following a bomb threat.

A statement from the Sioux City Community School District says, "The Sioux City Community School District is working closely with the Sioux City Police Department following the report of a bomb threat for North High School. The bomb is allegedly scheduled to go off at 1:28 pm. The threat was first identified by a student that saw the message displayed on a Minecraft message board. In a situation like this, student safety is our highest priority. Therefore, students are currently being evacuated to a safe location identified in the school’s crisis plan. We will continue to keep you informed as more information becomes available."

KTIV has a crew on the scene, and will update this story as new information becomes available.

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