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Centsable Health: Avoiding holiday meal disasters


3.Holiday Disasters

Dry meat, lumpy potatoes, runny pie? Fareway Dietitian, Caitlyn Ferin is here to help you fix your potential holiday cooking disasters.

Link: https://www.fareway.com/health/build-your-own-christmas-meal

Dry, Overcooked or Under Cooked Meat

Have extra stock on hand

Make a stock bath to increase moisture or bring undercooked meat to the correct temperature

Turn into extra gravy if needed


Lumpy potatoes run through a colander with a spatula or a ricer

Gummy potatoes (don’t overwork!) put in a casserole dish, add cheese and/or bread crumbs and bake

Runny Pie

Turn into a cobbler or a parfait

Warm wine

Take a large container of ice water, add salt to bring temp down further … 6 minutes

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