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Bishop Heelan nearing start at new high school building


When they return to school after Christmas break, the place that Bishop Heelan high school students called home for 70 years, will no longer be their home.

Instead, they'll make their way across the street to start the next chapter at Bishop Heelan Catholic. 

"I've had a lot of requests from students and families to get in and get a peek," said Bishop Heelan Catholic High School Principal Christian Bork.

Bishop Heelan finished work on its Fine Arts Building in 2014. 

The Crusaders will ring in the new year with completion of phase two - the Academic Classroom Addition. 

"To see it come together, it's been really, really great," said Bork. 

The old school on the hill where Douglas St. and 11th St. meet has stood tall for nearly 70 years, and over 10,000 students have passed through its hallways.

Though its aged well...

"The current structure looks great, if you go down the hallways, it's neat, it's clean, it's well-kept," said Bork. 

The brick building is quite rusty under the hood. 

"The plumbing that's starting to fail, the heating system, the cooling system is non-existent, it's opening the windows," said Bork. "All of those will be great upgrades and really, really well received." 

The 55,000 ft. structure will not only make learning more comfortable for students, it will make it more efficient. 

"Each science room essentially has its own lab, three breakout learning centers for our students, a media center that's going to emphasize connectivity and technology to see each other and collaborate with each other through each day, and after school, and onward," said Bork.  

Crusaders will be hard at work this Christmas break, moving everything from the old building into the new building, before student orientation on January 5, 2018. 

The first thing moving in...

"Heelan Pride is coming across the street with us," said Bork. "Our attitude and our dedication to excellence...that's going nowhere."

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