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Bishop Heelan High School prepares move to new building


Bishop Heelan High School students will be returning from winter break to a new set of classrooms, inside a whole new building. 

But the Crusaders won't be traveling far.

"For decades, Bishop Heelan High School students have walked through these halls, to get to-and-from classes," said reporter, Jennifer Lenzini.

Over 10,000 students to be exact- over the past 67 years. 

Wednesday, movers were hard at work moving items from the previous building, to the new one.

"Kind of finishing up on teacher's classrooms, we've moved all the file cabinets, and now we're going in for the boxes," said Christian Bork, Bishop Heelan High School Principal. 

Now, just across Grandview Boulevard, new memories will be made.

"We'll have everything packed, and ready to go, ready to educate our students," said Bork.

Groundwork began on the $10 million academic wing in September 2016.

The new structure is attached to Heelan's Fine Arts Building- which opened back in August 2014.

When asked how this 55 thousand square foot addition would benefit students, Bishop Heelan High School Principal, Christian Bork, didn't hesitate to answer.

"Everything," said Bork. "Heating, cooling, handicapped accessibility, brighter classrooms, wider hallways."

The principal adds, the new school is more geared for 21st century learning. 

Some 500 students are currently enrolled at Heelan.

On January 5th, students will start the new year, in the new building.

"It's really just a space that honors the great work that our instructors and students do every day," adds Bork.

Professional movers are moving things from the old building to the new one, over the next couple of days.

Starting January 2nd, students will help unpack the boxes, and make the classrooms complete before school starts again.

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