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Vandals leave honey business owners with $60,000 worth of damage


Justin Engelhardt and his wife, owners of Wild Hill Honey, woke up Thursday morning to an unforgettable sight

The two went to clean snow from their hives, and then-

"They smashed all of our beehives, they broke into our equipment shed," said Justin Engelhardt, Owner of Wild Hill Honey. "It doesn't look like they took anything, but they destroyed every hive, and they ruined all of our equipment."

The vandals left empty-handed, but killed thousands of insects.

"50 hives this time of year, its upwards of half a million bees," said Engelhardt. 

And the destruction- wasn't cheap.

"It's probably between 50 and 60- thousand dollars worth of damage," said Engelhardt.

Leaving the Engelhardts without a business.

" (pause)... it wipes it out," adds Engelhardt.

The police were called, and Engelhardt was pleased with their thoroughness.

"There was some footprints, and they got some information from that," adds Engelhardt. "They dusted for fingerprints, they took a lot of photographs, they're going to continue with the investigation. We're really, really happy with the police response."

Until the vandals are caught, Justin and his wife are left picking up the pieces.

If anyone has any information, you are encouraged to call the Sioux City Police at 712-279-6960. 

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