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Holidays can bring potential relapse for addicts


The Holiday season is a time when drug use, alcohol abuse, and relapse are most prevalent. 

That's when Jackson Recovery's River Hills Recovery Center sees an influx of people coming through the doors for help.

Andrew Gerodias is a licensed therapist , and alcohol and drug abuse counselor at River Hills.

He tells us the increase in activity is often due to the stress that surrounds the holiday season. 

"For a lot of people the use of substances is done to reduce stress or to glaze over some of the difficulties that they are facing," Andrew Gerodias, LMHC, CADC, Jackson Recovery.

If loved ones need help, there are warning signs for which to look.

Denial, increased isolation from others, and a lack of being able to stick to goals are a few of those signs.

"Addressing it being one of the first things that you can do, another option is to try and reduce some of the general stressors that are around. You know a little less drinking, stuff such as that nature. "

Other things you can do to support a loved one is to attend a meeting with them, ask if there is anything you can do that would relieve their stress, and be a good listener.

If home remedies aren't helpful, community resources like Jackson Recovery can help.

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