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Pet safety during the cold weather

(KTIV) -

Winters in Siouxland are cold.

But every once in a while Arctic air moves in and the mercury plummets.

This kind of cold affects humans and animals equally.

"These are not only pets but they are a big part of our family. When the temperatures are this dangerous, it's simple: bring your pets in the house with you where it's warm. If we're cold, they're cold." said Kelly Erie, Siouxland Humane Society.

There are times when pets must venture out.

For these occasions you can make sure they are staying warm.

"You can purchase sweaters that can be put on them or you can also purchase little boots." said Erie.

The safety precautions don't end when your pet gets back inside.

"Any time that we take our pet out for a walk we definitely want to, when we bring our pet back in the house, wash off their pads. A smaller type dog, wash off their belly to get the chemicals off." said Erie.

The cold is a great opportunity for both you and your pet to stay inside and spend some time together.

"They would much rather be in the house with you sitting on the couch watching Animal Planet wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. And who doesn't want that on these cold days?" said Erie.

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