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HEALTHBEAT 4: Indoor vs. outdoor sports


The winter sports season is in full swing.

"Basketball, and wrestling, are currently going on," said Dr. Jason Losee, Sports Medicine Physician at UnityPoint Health- St. Luke's.

With these activities using courts, and mats, brings another list of possible injuries.

"Concussions are really common in wrestling and such," said Losee. " They'll go around on the mat and they'll fall of the side of the mat, and hit their head."

Indoor sports don't bring the environmental factors that outdoor sports do- like overheating, and hypothermia.

But they do bring injuries due to their unique surfaces.

"We have a hard surface that has a lot less 'give' to it," adds Losee. "Basketball players are more prone to ankle injuries. That surface kind of sticks- and they need to be able to pivot and cut- but it also increases the risk for ankle injuries and such."

Physical Therapists and those in sports medicine say there are some ways to prevent injuries.

"There is some good evidence, that a good warm-up prior to starting is very important," said Losse. "Not just standing there and stretching, or holding a stretch for a long period of time, but a dynamic warm- up where you're using your muscles through a normal range of motion, that you're going to need for that activity you're going to participate in."

Agility exercises are beneficial to the athlete as well. 

Doctor Losee adds that you should never ignore a certain prolonging pain, and always get it checked out by your physician. 

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