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The search for colder temperatures than Siouxland


The high Saturday in Sioux City was a frigid 5 degrees.

That occurred just after midnight and temperatures slowly fell through the day.

This is brutal air for our area but were temperatures lower than other well-known places for cold weather?

The high Saturday in McMurdo, Antarctica was 26 degrees.

This does make sense since they are in the Southern Hemisphere and it is summer there.

How about somewhere also experiencing winter?

Barrow, Alaska had a high of 8 degrees; this just beats out Sioux City.

The city of Omsk, in the classic cold place of Siberia, topped out at 20 degrees Saturday.

This means that Sioux City (and all of Siouxland for that matter) had a colder high than northern Alaska, Antarctica and Siberia Saturday.

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