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Officials: Water main break could have been caused by cold weather


A water main break early Tuesday morning in downtown Sioux City caused some residents to be without water for several hours. 

The water is back on for those residents, and officials say there will be no boil advisory issued. 

But, residents will be impacted by a road closure because of the break. 

Third Street between Jones and Jackson Street will be closed until at least tomorrow, while crews work on the area. 

Officials say they hope to have a cement crew out to the area sometime Wednesday.  

But what caused the break? 

" I know it was a stress break that was a lateral crack, which is due to movement. It puts stress on the ice and it breaks. More than likely I'm going to chalk it up due to the cold weather," says Jon O'Brien, Utilities Underground Superintendent.

Officials say the main break isn't odd for this time of year. 

"Water main breaks happen all the time. Sometimes you can figure out it's due to weather or due to stress or water hammer. It's going to happen. it's just a matter of if and when," says O'Brien. 

But, city officials say there are things the city could do better to prevent main breaks. 

"What we could do better with infrastructure is to continue to fund those projects to actually replace and not just repair because of the repairs, just like in your home, you can repair a pipe so many times and then there's a time to replace it. I think we need to step up and look at our budget hard and replace it," says City Council Member Dan Moore. 

With the frigid weather playing a roll in Tuesday's main break, officials are warning residents to be aware of pipes freezing. 

"With the colder weather, people need to pay attention to their pipes. If they see the water in their house getting really cold, they should probably leave their faucet running so they don't freeze up," says O'Brien. 

The cold weather, wreaking havoc in Sioux City. 

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