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Olympic hopefuls tell us what it would mean to them to be in PyeongChang in February representing the USA

(NBC News) -

The PyeongChang Olympics are just weeks away but that time ticking down represents the culmination of a lifetime journey for many of the athletes competing.

Joey Mantia said, "There's really nothing to compare it to. The best athletes in the world from so many different sports side by side. I think it takes a lot of will and ambition and passion about whatever you're doing."

Lindsey Vonn said, "It's the people that are willing to go the extra mile. You know, the people that are just never going to give up. Those people make the Olympics. Those people represent our country and those people win medals." 

Announcer: Lindsey Vonn is the gold medalist!

Elana Meyers Taylor said, "The most incredible thing to me is to be able to put all your efforts into that one goal every four years. To have that opportunity, it's one you cherish because it's so rare."

Chris Mazdzer said, "To get to the Olympics, it's not every four years, it's every day." 

Susan Dunklee said, "It's really about committing and being able to compete with honor and being a part of something bigger than yourself.  You have to be able to deal with pressure, and you have to have a little bit of luck."

Vonn said, "I love the Olympics, I love what they stand for. I love working hard to achieve my dreams and my biggest dream right now is to win another gold medal." 

NBC's coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics begins live in PyeongChang, South Korea on Thursday, February 8.

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