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U.S. Olympic team members talk about taking flight on either skis or their snowboard

(NBC News) -

The next time you board a flight, taxi down the runway and take to the skis, consider those Olympians that do the same thing, except without a plane getting them airborne. 

Ryan Stassel said, "I can normally keep my composure pretty well, but my fear of heights is when I'm actually on the elevator going to the top of the ramp. You know you're looking down and you may or may not be able to see the bottom depending on how snowy it is." 

Maggie Voisin said, "Right before I drop in I always take a deep breath and I'm like, "all right, you got this."

Stassel said, "Right as you take off you hear your snowboard go, it's timeless. Everything kind of slows down." 

Voisin said, "Everything just goes blank."

Sarah Hendrickson said, "Our skis are like our wings. You're flying for about 90 to 100 to 120 meters."

Stassel said, "By the time you land and you're riding out of it, it all kind of hits you and that's where this like, this rush of energy all comes together." 

Announcer: Stassel puts it to his feet like a champion!

Hendrickson said, "I always just think back to why I love ski jumping and that's the flying part. That's what I live for."

Shaun White said, "You're getting to fly in your normal day and routine. The perspective I'm getting from being that high in the air and going that fast down the mountain is something not a lot of people get to see." 

Jamie Anderson said, "But when it connects, it feels so good."

NBC's coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics begins live in PyeongChang, South Korea on Thursday, February 8.

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