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Feeling down in mid-January may have several causes

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The third Monday in January is unofficially known as "Blue Monday".

A variety of factors may result in people feeling a little more down this time of year.

One of those factors is the where January sits on the calendar.

"People get the winter blues this time of the year. The facts are that we get less sunlight this time of the year than other times of the year. A lot of people don't get out as much as they otherwise would." said Nicholas Brown, Jackson Recovery Centers.

Brown says having the same symptoms in winter several years in a row may be a sign of this being the problem.

One treatment is known as light therapy.

"You get under a very bright light or have a bright light in your room and that works well for a lot of people because it's being in that bright spot." said Brown.

Another issue this time of year are failed New Year's resolutions.

"A lot of times we make New Year's resolutions that are unrealistic." said Brown.

Making smaller, more manageable goals that lead up to the original goal can improve your success.

Brown says after a busy holiday season with family, people may isolate themselves.

Working on goals with family and friends can help both sides have greater results.

"If you're not doing what you set out to do the other people might say something or they might joke with you. And if you are then you get that positive compliment." said Brown.

Seeing a counselor or therapist can help pinpoint which of these may be the problem or if you may have another long-term depression issue.

This can set you on the road to start feeling better.

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