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Exhibit highlights political posters and campaigning changes through the years


A new exhibit at the Sioux City Public Museum will have visitors stepping through time.

The exhibit, titled "Sign of the Times: The Great American Political Poster" displays campaign posters from 1844 through 2012.

They show different styles through the years and how campaigning has evolved through the years.

All of them are originals and have been pulled from numerous private collections.

The museum's curator says that the posters have served multiple purposes over time.

"They weren't always successful but in hindsight they've created an interesting legacy of artwork to go along with their primary purpose of conveying a political message." said Matt Anderson, Sioux City Public Museum Curator of History.

The exhibit will be on display through March 11th.

To tie in with the exhibit, the museum will host a presentation on February 15 at noon.

This will discuss political figures from Sioux City who have held state or national offices.

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