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Sioux City Fire Rescue takes to the ice for ice rescue training


Sioux City Fire Rescue is taking to the ice to make they are prepared to respond if a person falls through the ice and into the frigid water. 

Training begins with a course before crews take to the ice to put what they learned to the test. 

"We will have some victims in the water and we'll have personnel will go out and assist to get them out using the different various techniques that we use," says Lt. Joe Rodriguez, Sioux City Fire Rescue. 

Sioux City Fire Rescue uses several techniques to help rescue victims from the water. 

They use things they have already on their rigs, like ladders and ropes. 

They even use a sled to help pull victims out of the water. 

And there's something you can take with you to help if you just happen to venture out onto the ice, 

Sioux City Fire Rescue says ice picks like these can help you if you fall into the ice and, you can actually get yourself out.

And training for these intense rescues is important for first responders. 

They say it can help for a number of situations they may run into anywhere. 

"We just want to make sure that all our personnel is trained in case of those emergencies that do happen. It could be here at Bacon Creek it could be a culvert somewhere there's a body of water and an accident that we go into. So, you just never know where the situation is happening and recognizing the situation for us to get to those victims as quickly as possible," says Lt. Rodriguez. 

And, first responders know how important it is to be ready for anything. 

"Times of the essence. Normally on our way here, our technicians are getting their stuff on to reduce that amount of time to get to the victim as quickly as possible," says Lt. Rodriguez. 

Preparing so Siouxland stays safe on the ice. 

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