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Tow truck drivers help when weather conditions challenge motorists


Snow is a part of our winter routine in the Midwest, but sometimes motorists need help when the weather creates adverse conditions. 

Zachary Kelley is a tow truck driver with Stockton Towing in Sioux City. We rode along with him as he crisscrossed Sioux City on Thursday, helping stranded motorists.

Kelley said the top reasons drivers call him is to jump start a car, pull one from a snowbank or ditch, or tow it to a mechanic after a breakdown. However, the snow can complicate the situation even more.

Kelly, said one of the biggest dangers he faces are other motorists.

"A lot of people do not know about the Slow Down, Move Over law that is now legal in Iowa. I've had numerous close calls where you either have to jump over a side barrier or slide underneath a car. You see a lot of people who are on their phones. Phones are a big issue." 

In Iowa, when drivers approach a stationary emergency vehicle, like a tow truck displaying flashing lights, they must move out of the closest lane or slow down to a reasonable speed. Also included in the law are municipal vehicles, utility vehicles, and road maintenance vehicles.

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