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Do's and don'ts of snow removal


The stretch of cold weather and frequent recent snow have resulted in plenty of snow sitting around.

This can present a problem as road crews clear roads but you can help them by following a few steps.


  • Don't shovel or blow snow into the street.

In addition to creating more work for road crews, it also violates a city ordinance.

  • Also don't put the snow into piles on street corners or on the edge of driveways.

This can block the view of traffic and create a driving hazard.

"The snow can be stored on the yard or in the right-of-way area which is the parking area, usually green space, between the back of the curb and the sidewalk." said Bob Livermore, South Sioux City Public Works Director.

  • Do move vehicles off of roads to remove obstacles for plows.

"If we can get people to move off the streets right away after a storm or during a storm we can get the streets cleaned more efficiently and not have to go back many times." said Livermore.

  • Do limit the amount of driving on roads before they get plowed.
  • If you are driving while plowing is being done, don't crowd them.

"It's hard to see sometimes - the public and vehicles." said Livermore.


The biggest help, though, will come from Mother Nature.

"It will be nice to have several warm days to melt down that snow to nothing." said Livermore.

But until then...

"We have to deal with whatever is given to us, that's all." said Livermore.

...and use these tips to help in the meantime.

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