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Nebraska middle school wants to make sure all students get their day off to a good start

(NBC News) -

A program inspired by parents of students involved in the Sandy Hook school shootings is working its way across the country in hopes that something like that never happens again.

One Kearney, Nebraska Middle School is making sure every day this week starts on a good note.

This is "Starts with Hello" week. 

Every student, every day gets a special greeting this week. 

Pep bands and Storm players getting the honors this day. 

The idea is to inspire connectedness and inclusion in schools.

Madi Mishou, an 8th grade student at Sunrise Middle school said, "This is to help everyone become like one big group again like we were maybe when we were younger. So, no one feels isolated and we're all just like happy and together."

Each day has a theme, but the main idea is to share compliments and encouragement.

Russel Dietz, an 8th grader says, "Having older people say, 'hey, have a great day', to the younger people - it just lifts their day up. And then they go around saying nice things and it lifts everybody's day up."

Band teacher, Paloma Mena-Werth, brought the idea to sunrise and hopes the students take it from here. 

Paloma Mena-Werth, Sunrise Middle School teacher said, "This is one week that we're kind of trying to plant the seed for things that we hope will become lifelong habits."

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