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Trump's $1.5 trillion budget arrives

(NBC News) -

President Trump's budget director is already trying to scale back last week's budget deal with a new spending plan being introduced Monday.

Mike Mulvaney, OMB Director said, "Take the money that Democrats want to spend on the social programs and move it to things like infrastructure."

It comes as the Senate prepares to debate immigration this afternoon. 

First up is a Republican plan that provides $25 billion for the President's border wall, scales back family migration, and protects 1.8 million undocumented immigrants brought here as children.

Sen. James Lankford, (R) Oklahoma said, "If someone has pulled over for speeding, the ticket goes to the driver, not to the four-year-old sitting in the back seat."

The White House insists Chief of Staff John Kelly is still in the driver's seat, despite reports that President Trump is looking to replace him. 

Marc Short, White House Legislative Affairs Director said, "John Kelly has not offered his resignation."

KellyAnne Conway, a White House advisor said, "He has full confidence in current chief of staff John Kelly."

Kelly is under fire after two White House staffers resigned last week amid domestic abuse allegations they deny.

Critics say Kelly should've pressed harder knowing security clearances were still in limbo after a year. 

Rep. Jerry Nadler, (D) New York said, "If the FBI can't give someone a permanent security clearance, they shouldn't be working at the White House."  

In the meantime, the President has bounced Democrats' Russia memo back to Congress.

The president says Democrats need to work with the FBI to get rid of top-secret references in that memo before it goes public.

Democrats are pointing out the President released Republicans memo on Russia even though it also contained classified information and the FBI called it inaccurate and misleading.

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