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IOC official says it's a little early to talk about extending the PyeongChang Winter Games after weather delays

(NBC News) -

An International Olympic Committee official says it's a "touch premature" to talk about extending the PyeongChang winter games after weather delays.

The IOC spokesperson Monday pointed out that with reserve days, there was still "plenty of time" for the competitions despite the postponement of the first two alpine events due to high winds.

He said the IOC considered the safety of the athletes as "the number one priority."

Mark Adams, an IOC spokesperson said, "I think it's a little bit early to discuss that yet. As we were saying yesterday, I think Nagano (1998 Winter Olympic Games) had the downhill (final) five minutes before the closing ceremony so there's plenty of time, there are reserve spaces for competitions so I think just a touch premature at this stage; we're what, are we day three at this stage?"

Adams said, "They (the International Ski Federation - FIS) know their athletes and they know the kind of conditions that they work in so I can only assume that they take all the precautions necessary. The safety of the athletesâ?¦ I know we keep saying it but it is the number one priority for us and you know we have time. There are reserve days, there is plenty of time to get all of the competition in so I don't think we would take any chances (with the athletes' safety)."

The PyeongChang Winter Olympics are due to close on February 25, almost two weeks away.

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