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Family fights for city to cover more medical expenses


The family of a Hinton, Iowa man, who was injured in a collision with a city transit bus, believe the city of Sioux City should be paying for more of the man's medical treatment.

Chad Plante suffered a traumatic brain injury, and two broken legs, following a November 15th, 2016 accident at Business Highway 75 and Outer Drive.

Investigators say transit bus driver Jaime Pica was traveling north on Highway 75 before turning left onto Outer Drive.

Pica's bus collided with Plante's SUV.

Police say Pica caused the crash by failing to stop at a traffic light, and failing to yield to southbound traffic.

That's why Plante's wife, and family friend Elisabeth Murdach, believe the city should be paying for certain pieces of equipment recommended by his doctors on top of what the city is already paying to help the Plantes.

"His physical therapist, neurologist, and occupational therapist were recommending that he have a treadmill provided in his home for more therapy at home, because walking is still an issue, as is balance," said Plante Family Friend, Elisabeth Murdach. "They also recommended that he get a piece of software that help people with brain injuries to heal. The City Council came back, and just said that they had denied it and they gave no explanation."

Murdach adds that, at this point, no lawsuit has been filed against the city.

But, but she anticipates there will be one filed in the future.

At the city attorney's instruction, city council members couldn't comment on the matter at Monday night's meeting.

"It's pending litigation, the city attorney has advised the city council to not engage in any conversations," said Sioux City City Council Member, Dan Moore.

Heather Murdach, and Plante's wife, Roseanne, say Plante is not 100-percent, but he is much further along than they would have ever expected.

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