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The medals of a decorated veteran are replaced after seven years of service

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The medals of a decorated veteran are replaced on Monday after seven years of service and numerous military operations in Iraq, Kosovo and stateside.

Congressman Steve King presented the replacement medals to Sergeant Adam Menin.

Menin's original awards went missing toward the end of his service. King wanted to make sure his commendations were available so future generations could  know about Menin's achievements. He even had a flag flown over the capitol in Menin's honor, which was also presented during the ceremony.

Menin was overwhelmed by the support. "I expected a few people to show up and show support but I have more friends than I thought I did. And as I said, I've spent the majority of my life in the military keeping my head down and out of the radar, but for some reason, friendship and family has shined through and they're here to support me," said Sergeant Adam Menin, U.S. Army.

Some of the replaced awards include the National Defense Service Medal, the Sharpshooter Badge and Rifle Bar, and the Combat Action Badge. Menin was involved in finding and returning the body of a reporter in Iraq in 2004.

King said recommending soldiers to military academies, and presenting military awards, are among his most rewarding duties. "If any of us can walk through life, having been involved in some of the most dangerous things that anybody has ever been involved in, and have someone whom you've had their back and they've had your back say that about you that 'I've trusted him with my life, and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again, that's a high, high compliment," said Rep. Steve King.

Menin's only medal which was not replaceable was his NATO Medal, which is no longer available.

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