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WATCH LIVE: Fat Tuesday in the Big Easy

(NBC News) -

Thousands of people will take to the streets of New Orleans to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

WATCH LIVE: Mardi Gras Day

The culmination of weeks of celebration across the Big Easy.
Of course, the city isn't the only place to experience Mardi Gras. 
But its parties and parades are known across the world.
New Orleans famed Bourbon Street, a sea of costumes. 

Christine Clouatre, Dames De Perlage said, "It's people like us that make Mardi Gras happen!"

And celebrations.

Joseph Formaro, Mardi Gras Reveler said, "Oysters, bloody marys, parade, balcony, lots of drinking"
As the city gears up for Fat Tuesday. 
Claire Zamora And Adriana Guerrero, Mardi Gras revelers said, "The music is great the atmosphere is amazing.  Everyone is in a great mood."
The pinnacle of weeks of parties, music and elaborate parades.
An estimated 15 million beads thrown by the Krewe alone, millions more from balconies.
A perfectly executed toss and catch, an Olympic sport in the French Quarter.  
Michelle Driffill, Mardi Gras reveler said, "I don't know if I'd get gold. Maybe a honorable mention."
Mark Flood, owner, TJ's Carnival Supplies said, "2000 cases."
Customers buying beads and toys by the case. 

Flood said, "It's one good thing about this business, they're coming in happy"
With cooler temperatures and rain in the forecast... The weather isn't perfect..

"The weather, what? Nobody cares!"
But it's not stopping or slowing.

"Happy Mardi Gras!"  
Mardi Gras isn't just big fun, it's also big business.
Bringing hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy.

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