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What kids and parents need to know about 'sexting'


Sexting is an ongoing danger that kids of all ages face. 

It can start young for them, and police say they see cases of it on a regular basis. 

"It seems to be that 12 to 16 year age group. A lot of people enticing that age group especially with the females to send images of themselves," says Sgt. Jeremy McClure with Sioux City Police. 

There are a lot of dangers that come with sharing lewd images of minors, even if it's between two underage individuals. 

"The biggest thing people need to realize is if someone is under the age of 18, it is illegal to send images or request images of someone under 18," says Sgt. McClure. 

And the consequences that come with sending these images, can have a lasting impact on the lives of those involved. 

"In Iowa, you could potentially face felony charges. If that goes over state lines you could potentially face federal charges," says Sgt. McClure. 

For those sending the images, the harm that a simple press of a button brings could last forever. 

"Once you send that image, there's no getting it back There's no controlling it. It pretty much lives forever digitally," says Sgt. McClure. 

Sgt. McClure says the best things parents can do is to just talk with their children. 

"Have that open communication with your kids. Let them know that their value is more than how they look or sending an image of themselves to gain the love of somebody else," says McClure

Sgt. McClure says it's important for parents to keep that open line of communication but, also know what your child is doing. 

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