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Police, school district release details about prescription pill exchange at North Middle School


Sioux City Police say they are investigating an incident that reportedly happened at North Middle School earlier this month.

Social media has circulated several versions of what happened. Sioux City Police are releasing details of their investigation.

In a statement, a police spokesperson said, "The department took a report of possible pills exchanging hands at North Middle School on February 7th. The department is currently investigating the matter so we can't speak of any specific details regarding the case. However, we can say there was no overdose. The incident was isolated, and was not, and has not been, an ongoing issue."

A spokesperson for the Sioux City Community School District has also issued a statement on the matter. Mandie Mayo said, "The District is pro-active at maintaining a drug-free, safe school environment. Drug use and distribution is strictly prohibited. The student handbook specifies, 'The District maintains a drug/alcohol/tobacco/nicotine free environment for all district facilities, grounds and vehicles.' In addition, the District has a comprehensive program that includes prevention education, school-based support teams, and an awareness program for district personnel on the signs and symptoms. It is important to dispel any rumors and to be very clear that no drugs have been sold on school grounds."

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