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The secret to a healthy marriage: Getting fit together

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Cooking a healthy meal together is a sign of love between Lazondra and Jeffrey Griggs. 

The Griggs' love story started decades ago, they have been married more than 20 years and raised two children together. 

When LaZondra found herself struggling with dangerously high blood pressure last year, Jeffrey declared her health struggle his, too.

Together, the couple transformed their diet and started going to the gym nearly every morning. 

"My love for him drives me to get up. And get to the gym. And give it my all once I'm there," said LaZondra.

They knew it wouldn't be a quick fix. True, sustainable lifestyle changes take time to yield lasting results, but it's paying off. With help from the right medications, LaZondra's blood pressure is under control. 

"I made vows to her, so part of it is to make her better, do everything I can to make sure she's here and her quality of life is where we need it to be," said Jeffrey.

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