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14-year-old charged with terrorism following lockout at Le Mars Community High School



Le Mars, Iowa Police say a 14 year old student had left the note that prompted Wednesday's lockout.

The student was detained and transported to the Le Mars Police Department.

The 14 year old, who hasn't been identified, was later transported to the Juvenile Detention Center in Cherokee on a charge of Threat of Terrorism.


Le Mars Police are reporting that Le Mars Community High School when into Lockdown around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon, after reports of a threatening note was discovered on the property.

Police were called the the scene, and a suspect has been apprehended. 

When the note was first found in the classroom, Le Mars police were called to the scene and a lockout was put in place immediately.

Police surrounded the school and blocked off any type of entry.

An investigation then began.

"We narrowed down a potential suspect that had left the note and ultimately got a confession from that individual to reassure the public that the school was safe. The kids weren't in any harm whatsoever and this was a threat. Again, we have to take threats seriously. I can say that the threat did elaborate to the fact that there would be a shooting in the school." said Chief Kevin Vande Vegte, Le Mars Police Department.

Police say the investigation took just over an hour before classes resumed.

Class is scheduled to proceed as normal on Thursday.

The lockout was put into place during the student's 6th period.

Students at the nearby middle school were also put into lockout.

Many of them say they didn't think it was a serious threat.

"It's probably a drill or something. I was sitting at my desk thinking, 'this is not a joke.' From my perspective I've been paranoid this entire time." said Jade Oswald, Le Mars student.

Again, the suspect has been apprehended, and police say there is no further threat to the school.

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Authorities said the lockout has been lifted at the Le Mars Community Schools Wednesday afternoon. 

Authorities said they were made aware of a note written by a student at the high school, claiming to have a gun and was going to shoot in the school by school officials. 

Authorities said the suspect has been apprehended and classes are now back to normal. 

School officials said if parents want to pick up their child, they are able to do so at the Le Mars Community High School. 

KTIV's Jennifer Lenzini and Jaret Lansford will have an update on News 4 tonight. 

Law enforcement have been reported the outside Le Mars, Iowa High School Wednesday afternoon. 

Le Mars Community School officials said they are on lockout. 

Witnesses said there is a heavy police presence at the school, while police have created a perimeter around the High School and Middle School.

KTIV has a crew en route to the school.

We will have updates to this story as they become available. 

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