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Gusty winds continue to affect the Olympic games

Olympic Winds Olympic Winds
(NBC) -

Strong gusts of wind forced a temporary closure of the Olympic Park in Gangneung today (Wednesday).

Two concession stands collapsed due to fierce winds.

Refrigerators were knocked over and shattered glass was strewn among the debris.

Tents were left lying on the grounds as volunteers urged visitors to leave the park and find safety inside the venues.

In text messages sent to mobile phones in the coastal area, Gangneung City hall called for people to be wary of flying objects and falling debris.

The streets of the Gangneung media village, where the majority of international journalists covering the games are staying, were deserted except for a few security officials trying to fix damage to temporary structures.

Several tents used as work areas for the press were closed.

In Pyeongchang, several Olympic events were postponed or rescheduled as strong winds swept through the mountain region today, damaging temporary structures set up for the games.

S/ Henrietta Dikmans/ Visitor from the Netherlands
"I love it, thank you, I am from the Netherlands so we are used to wind. But, of course this is a little bit extreme and it is a pity for the sport that they can't do their, let's say, sport as they wanted to do."

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