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Woodbury County Courthouse celebrates 100 years


The Woodbury County Courthouse is celebrating a big anniversary this year. 

In May, the Woodbury County Courthouse will hold five days of events to celebrate 100 years. 

The celebration kicks off on May 1 with speakers and a historical presentation of "100 years of Justice in Woodbury County."

Those who attend will be able to learn about some of the most influential court cases in the last 100 years. 

Two-point-seven million dollars is being spent to help preserve the historic building. 

"We're excited to have people from around the country. We do anticipate that this will be of nation-wide interest. We have Chicago's finest art historian and cultural architect coming. We have someone from the University of Virginia, who is renowned in his field, and so, we are excited," says Jeremy Taylor, Board of Supervisors 

Crews are already working on preservation of the courthouse to help the historic building last another century. 

See a full list of the schedule of events here

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