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90-year-old secretary is not slowing down

(NBC News) -

A 90-year-old Missouri woman says age doesn't get her down and she still looks forward to going to work every day as a school secretary. 

Every day at 6:45 a.m. sharp, Ms. Dorothy Morice is the first one in the office. 

Morice says, "I never get up in the morning and say gee, I've got to go to work today." 

She started working as a teacher's aide at the old Berkeley High School when she was 44 back in 1972. 

Morice said, "I enjoy seeing the students after they leave here."

At 90 year's young Ms. Morice has been in the lives of hundreds of students and staff. 

And despite nearly five decades on the job, she doesn't let age define her.

Carolyn Dilworth, who had worked with Ms. Morice, said, "We had this office together so we got to be like girlfriends in there." 

Ms. Morice loves to have fun but when it comes to her work she's meticulous. 

Shironda Dubose who works with Ms. Morice, said, "And I was thinking it's a period missing and she would bring it back and it would be circled in red and she let you know you have to be accurate." 

Her secret to a long career with kids patience and remembering that we were all teenagers once. 

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