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Lightning strike causes significant damage to house in Lake Park, IA


A lightning strike Monday morning caused significant damage to a house in Lake Park.

Lake Park Fire Chief Brandon Ehret tells KTIV's news partner KUOO news firefighters were called around 5:30 pm to a residence on Country Club Drive Circle on Silver Lake.

At first, Ehret says they thought a natural gas explosion had taken place.

"We got on the scene we spoke with the homeowner, did an investigation. There was, indeed, a gas leak and structure damage to the home looked to be kind of an explosion in nature but after investigating we realized that it appeared there was a lightning strike at the residence early yesterday morning when the storms rolled through. Significant damage to the electrical system and the phone box on the outside of the house. We're unsure where the gas leak was coming from but we got the gas shut off at the meter and had utilities come out and confirm and vent the house, pulled the power and made sure there was no other hazards or dangers in the house at this time," Lake Park Fire Chief Brandon Ehret said. 

Fortunately, Ehret says no one was home at the time and no injuries were reported.

"The homeowner reported that they had a video system in the residence and at that time, I'm guessing through their phone system or through their cell phones they were able to confirm that at about nine hours prior to us being there, there was a glitch when the cameras went blank, which would have put it about mid-morning so that's kind of what we decided and also realized what we were dealing with," Ehret said. 

Ehret says there were no actual signs of any fire, other than siding that had melted near a phone box and some wiring that had gotten hot. He says it actually could have been worse.

"The fact that the garage on the residence is not attached with the main breaker box in the garage, it also blew the outlet covers off in the garage, blew the circuit board out of the garage door opener, and it actually blew the breaker apart in the box in the garage, so it was definitely a major electric surge that went through the house is what we determined," Ehret said.              

Lake Park firefighters were on the scene about an hour-and-a-half.

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