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Latest winter storm reminds Siouxlanders spring is still two weeks away

"This almost treats the motoring public like it's the first snow again because we have a lot of people in the public venturing out when they probably shouldn't be," said Sgt. Jason Allen, Sioux City Police Department. 
The reality sets in that we still have two more weeks of winter.
Tuesday's combination of snow and strong winds made for a difficult morning commute.
Sergeant Jason Allen with the Sioux City Police Department said no matter how late the snow storm arrives in the season, never underestimate the road conditions.
"We kind of get both sides of this where people want to drive extremely slow then every time they get to an intersection and they're stuck," Sgt. Jason Allen, "And then you have the other side of that where people [don't] slow down for anything and go through snow piles and things like that and unfortunately lose control."
Sgt. Allen said there weren't an exorbitant amount of accidents in Sioux City.
He added when schools and businesses are delayed helps keep the accident number down.
Sgt. Allen said motorists should always make sure their car is completely clear of snow and ice.
"They'll get out their scrapper and scrap out a very small opening in their window and basically try to see through that window which limits their visibility greatly," said Sgt. Allen, "That does lead to a lot of accidents."
Also, make sure you headlights are clear of snow and ice, especially when traveling at night.
So while Tuesday we're reminded that winter is still here for now, it won't be too long before we can put the plows and scrappers away.
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