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HEALTHBEAT 4: Subsequent births after a C-section


A history of a past cesarean delivery, or C-section, does not mean that a woman must give birth the same way with her next pregnancy.

If you have had a previous c-section, your next delivery has two options.

You can have a scheduled cesarean delivery, or a trail of labor after a cesarean- also knows as 'TOLAC'.

"The trial of labor is just the woman trying to have a delivery, and if they do have a successful delivery, then it is termed a VBAC."

If the natural delivery is not successful, then the woman needs to have a C-section.

Now, a team is on hand to do it immediately.

An Emergency Response Team is on site, and consists of anesthesia, and team of doctors, and an O-R crew. 

"We are, at St Luke's, able to do our own C-Sections and not have to have an OR crew come from the outside," adds Dr. LaFavor. "And so we can do those C-sections very quickly should we have to."

Dr. LaFavor says that, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, or A-COG, has been pushing for vaginal deliveries after C-sections, since 2010.

Siouxland Women's health now meets ACOG requirements, by providing 24-hour obstetric anesthesia coverage, and the staff to assist in an emergency. 

They have been pushing for it, because it decreases the risks that people can suffer after having several C-sections.

"Women that have had a c-section, have a scar on their uterus," said Dr. Kathy LaFavor, Siouxland Women's Healthcare Obstetrician-Gynecologist."And that scar, puts them at an increased risk for a uterine rupture. In the past, facilities have to be able to perform an emergency c-section, and we did not have that capability in the past. But now we are able to perform those in a quick manner."

As long as you're an appropriate candidate for a vaginal birth after a c-section, you now have the option.

To find out if this is right for you, contact your health provider.

"We're very excited to offer women in Siouxland an option for their delivery after they've had a cesarean section," adds Dr. LaFavor.

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