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Plow drivers overcome obstacles, use teamwork while cleaning streets


Monday and Tuesday's snow storm kept crews in South Sioux City busy.

With this storm the varied snow rates allowed for easier cleaning.

However, the drifting made visibility an issue and also made for some drifts up to two feet high.

In general, if conditions cooperate, plows can get the city cleaned in nine to ten hours.

"Then it just depends how bad it keeps snowing, how much we get." said Derek Morris, South Sioux City plow driver.

One of the biggest challenges isn't weather-related at all.

It happens when two cars are parked on the same street across from each other.

"A lot of people don't think about it but how are you going to fit a big plow through something like that? It's not practical so that avoids that street from getting cleaned." said Morris.

Crews have to come back to the street later on to finish the job in this situation.

Something that makes the job easier is teamwork between the ten to eleven city drivers.

A trail plow makes for more efficient plowing.

"He's one of the more important people that you'll have doing this. If it was just me out here pushing it out to the side, you'll get one lane of traffic. So you're only as good as the guy behind you." said Morris.

After the storm the plow drivers will sit down and talk over what could be improved.

That way they are ready for the next time winter weather strikes.

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