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Making smoke: A look inside the Rock River Manufacturing facility

"We make it look easy so a lot of people come on tours and then want to start their own plant cause we make it look so easy," said Adam Bowen, Rock River Manufacturing Director.
On any given day at Rock River Manufacturing in Winnebago, Nebraska 3,500 to 5,000 cigarettes are produced on the line.
However the journey for the cigarettes begin in North Carolina with the main product -- tobacco.
"The first thing we do is send it through the maker," said Adam Bowen, Rock River Manufacturing Director, "That filters out any large pieces, stems, anything that will protruding  the paper and then it rolls it into the paper and rolls it into one continuous cigarette."
From there, the product is sealed into a cylinder and cut to size. 
Next a filter gets dropped down and put over the cigarette.
The last thing added is the tipping paper that smokers put in their mouths and then comes the packaging.
"The packaging machine gets sorted out into stacks of 20 essentially, that's how many sticks are in a pack," said Bowen, "That gets put into its foil and the packaging that you see."
Once the cigarettes are made, they're sold to distributors and then make their way to consumer. 
While Bowen says he hasn't been in a lot of cigarette factories, the people make this one unique.
"All of our employees that run the line our local guys that live and grew up here," said Bowen. 
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