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Sioux City Community School District continue contract negotiations


Contract negotiations continue between the Sioux City Community School District, and unions representing its teachers, and support personnel.

On the table is a contract from 2018 to 2021.

One of those groups is the Sioux City Educational Support Personnel Association, or the SCESPA.

The SCESPA's proposal covers personal leave time, asking that each employee is granted 2 days, rather than 1, each school year.

They also are proposing a raise of $1.35 an hour.

In addition, they are asking for a $25 raise to their monthly payments after 10 years, in increments of 5 years.

For example, $50 raise after 10 years, $75 after 15, and so on.

The second group with a contract proposal is the Sioux City Education Association, or the SCEA.

They also propose an employee, who is required by the school district to attend a professional meeting or conference, be reimbursed.

In addition, they are asking for any days past the contracted 193 days be paid "per diem".

The SCEA is also asking for a 3.5 percent raise to the annual base salary of $35,564.

After it was rescheduled twice due to weather, the Sioux City Community School Board was finally able to release its revision on the proposed contracts on Thursday afternoon. 

Both sides agreed that they have a good working relationship, and they will continue to make sure both sides are heard.

Brenda Zahner, the Iowa State Educational Association Regional Director, says she was happy to hear some of the things the board had to say, Thursday afternoon.

But, Zahner said she was also disappointed in other things that were said.

"The numbers that we just got were about $4,700, and it is about 300 of our members," said Brenda Zahner, ISEA Regional Director. "So it would be about 1/3 of the staff would make $4,700 less next year. Obviously, that's not something that we're not going to agree to without a fight."

The two groups went into a closed negotiation session and expected to continue negotiating into the night on Thursday.

Zahner says she hopes the final contract will be announced at next week's board meeting.

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