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Texas school students participate in urban farming

(NBC News) -

Kim Aman of Moss Haven Farms said, "It's important to have farms in the city because we've lost track of where we come from."

At the moss haven elementary school in Dallas, kids have been growing food on this little farm for seven years.

Aman said, "People are so disconnected from the food system that I think it's causing problems with the health of our nation."

The farm has had some support from the U.S. Department of agriculture.

Michael Brooks said, "We want to figure out how much water we can catch, on how much roof."

A grant provided funds for this rainwater catchment and two garden beds.

Aman said, "So we started with 21 beds, which is a huge endeavor for any school program at first."

Aman said, "It's gardening, but we are farming. we have corn and we have crops and rotations. we do all the things that a farm does, in the city."

The farm donates fresh produce to local food banks and sells some of it in farmers' markets. The community donates tools, money, and volunteers to help the farm succeed.

Aman said, "And in schools, we always have to tie into the education piece of it 'cause that's why we're in school the science, the social studies, the history if you can introduce kids to vegetables and fruit, and they grow it, they're probably going to at least take a bite of it, and they will probably like it because they grew it."

Many of these kids have started their own gardens at home, more mindful of the foods they eat and better nutrition. 

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