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King: Trump made "bold move" accepting meeting with Kim Jong Un


Cautious optimism has been the reaction to the announcement of the meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un even among some members of the president's own party.

KTIV's Matt Breen sat down with western Iowa Congressman Steve King to get his take.

"Did President Trump make the right decision in accepting Kim Jong Un's invitation to meet?" asked Matt Breen. "Well, he's accepted it, so I have to say now that it's the path we're going to follow," said Rep. Steve King, (R) Iowa. "I hope and expect that it is right. The president trusts his instincts more than any president I can think of. And, when I look at what sorts out people in Washington, D.C., it's a magnet for smart people with a good work ethic and a good set of values. What separates them, it's those that follow their instincts, and act on their instincts, in the spot and in the moment. What I heard, today, Ambassador John Bolton said it was 'diplomatic shock and awe' to accept the invitation of Kim Jong Un. I can't see how we lose in this. There's a chance of great big progress to be made to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. That would be a huge diplomatic achievement. That's what we hope happens. What would be the worst case scenario? Well, if something fell apart, and we ended up in war over there, which could happen anyway. So, I think it's more upside by far than downside. But, it was a bold move."  

"Is there a concern that the meeting legitimizes Un's regime?" asked Breen. "Well, I don't know if it matters to him," said King. He's got so much power, he controls essentially the thought process of the people of North Korea. So, I don't know if he needs that. I'm sure he'll have something going on in his mind. Whatever room he walks into, to negotiate with the most powerful person in the world, there might be a little awe factor there, too. But, I think he'll give him a number of kudos for achieving such a meeting. But, out of there, there had better be some progress made. Donald Trump is completely capable of saying, 'listen, we tried, and you didn't do your part, so we're going to have to go with the stick instead of the carrot'."

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