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Train show raises money for Siouxland children with Diabetes


The 6th Annual train show hosted by the Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club is bringing joy to Siouxlanders and helping a special group of children. 

"This is a fundraiser. We are the Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club. We fight Diabetes, is our deal. We're raising money for this," says John Koskovich, Chairman of Cosmopolitan Train Show. 

The money raised from this fundraiser goes directly towards sending 15 to 20 children to diabetic camps and it also helps with something else that people who are diagnosed with diabetes may need help with. 

"SHARPS containers are put out by the St. Luke's hospital and if you're diabetic you may be taking insulin one, three, four, five times a day. You're producing needles. You put all your needles in these containers. When it's full you can return it to the hospital and they will give you, and I said, give you, another one free and they will take care of the needles," says Koskovich. 

And it's something that hits close to home for many of the members of the Cosmopolitan Club. 

Nearly a third of the members of the Cosmopolitan Club have diabetes. 

So, sending kids to camp and being able to provide SHARPS containers is extra special for them. 

"Oh, it's really exciting to be able to do that for anybody, let alone children with this horrible disease. So, kids themselves it's very special due to the fact like I said, they're normal that week. They're not abnormal," says John Ward, Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club Member. 

Helping Siouxland Children in need. 

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