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South Sioux City Schools to offer educational assemblies as students expected to walkout across the nation


The South Sioux City School District has been planning for Wednesday, and some of its students will be doing something slightly different than their peers across the country. 

Students, in South Sioux City, will be able to participate in a number of activities tomorrow based on age. 

Assemblies which focus on student safety will be held. 

South Sioux City Police also will be on hand to talk to children. 

Students from all of South Sioux City's schools have had the chance to talk with administrators to find the best way to remember the 17 victims of the Florida school shooting.

"We view it as a terrific learning experience and also a chance for our faculty, our law enforcement and ourselves to collaborate and engage with our students in our community and, remembering the lives of those students but, also being proactive about some of the actions that we want to see when it comes to expressing our views," says South Sioux City Community Schools Superintendent, Todd Strom. 

Students who plan to walk out of school still need a note from their parents. 

Safety is the number one priority of any school, and on Wednesday South Sioux City promises to be proactive.

The district is working very closely with police to make sure everyone is safe and knows how to stay that way.

From elementary school to the high school, students will learn how to be safe while in school. 

South Sioux City Police say they will be on hand to help teach those students.

"Well all age groups starting from elementary into any age. You always need to have control of your own safety, I mean you're responsible for yourself so you need to have a good education, good training, and good programs to fall back on should anything happen to you or around you," says South Sioux City Police chief, Ed Mahon. 

School resource officers and guidance counselors will be available for students tomorrow. 

School officials say students, administration and school resource officers will all work together on a new program.

"An interactive program where students will have a voice and they'll actually have ownership in the program but, it will include those different aspects so that they have awareness to the avenues so that they can communicate and support each other and also feel that they are shrouded in safety," says Superintendent Todd Strom. 

The safety activities will start, at all South Sioux City Schools, at 10:00 am  Wednesday morning, 

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