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Monument site rededicated to honor Harriet Tubman

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A special ceremony uniting the community to honor underground railroad leader Harriet Tubman.

A resident of Baltimore Kim Williams says,"Means a lot to me. Very happy to see all these people come out and celebrate her day."

A portion of Wyman Park Dell Formerly a Confederate monument site is now renamed Harriet Tubman grove.

Last year mayor Catherine Pugh ordered the removal of all four of Baltimore's confederate statues including the statue of Confederate generals "Stonewall" Jackson and Robert E. Lee at Wyman Park Dell.

A community activist Marvin "Doc" Cheatham says,"We officially asked the mayor of the city of Baltimore to take down the two confederate statues. And at the time we were asked what did we want in its place. And without a doubt, everyone there said this needs to be Harriet Tubman."

On Saturday the 105th anniversary of Tubman's death dozens of people including Tubman's family members as well as city leaders celebrated the rededication.

Baltimore Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke says,"It helps bring the community values to important places and helps to weave together the community. This place is really interesting. Since the statues disappeared, it has become a gathering place."

A gathering place renamed to recognize the Maryland native who is remembered as an American hero.

A resident of Baltimore Carroll Carter says,"We still need to learn to fight for the freedom of everybody. Because we all need equal opportunities out here in this world. And in order to get it, we all need to come together."

The first Baltimore rededication of a Confederate monument site an example of community engagement to create a positive change.

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