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Seth Meyers revealed that his wife dramatically gave birth in their lobby

(NBC News) -

The arrival of any baby is exciting.
But there was added drama this past Sunday, when Late Night Comedian Seth Meyers' wife Alexi Ashe
gave birth to their son in the lobby of their New York City apartment building.
Meyers shared the story with his Late Night audience on Monday.

"My wife is in an intense amount of pain, it seems like now it's just one long contraction. We get into the lobby of our building, I call our Uber and our Uber is outside. And we basically get to the steps of our building, we're in the lobby and we're walking down steps and my wife says I can't get in the car I'm going to have the baby right now the baby is coming And I just am trying to calm her down. I'm like look, this - I know because I've been through exactly one birth. 

"My wife is saying uh, the baby is coming. The baby is out. And I looked at my wife and the only way I could describe how my wife looked was she looked like somebody that was hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants. It was like somebody was trying to sneak a baby on a plane.

"So we walk back in and we had to decide do we go into the lobby or back on the elevator? Uh, those are terrible options when what you're looking for is a hospital. So my wife basically decided for us and she went and she lied down in our lobby.

And we sort of created a semi-circle around her. This is how fast it happened - I called 9-1-1 and over the course of a minute conversation, I basically said 'We're about to have a baby', 'We're having a baby', 'We had a baby.'

We named him Axl because it's just a name we liked, but I'm going to tell him it's because firemen were there when he was born. He's gonna be like I don't like it! I'm gonna say you could've been hose!"

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