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Food insecurity a problem in Siouxland

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Food insecurity happens when a household doesn't have enough food to meet its basic needs.

"It goes across the board. It's not a problem that faces a certain demographic or geographic area."

According to Regenea Hurte, the executive director of the Iowa Food Bank Association, the food insecurity rate in the state of Iowa is 12 percent.

The Storm Lake Mobile Food Pantry says they serve plenty.

"The line is sometimes two hours long, to serve that many people." said Duane Queen, Storm Lake Mobile Food Pantry Director.

They are open on the fourth Monday of every other month beginning at 4 PM.

The amount of food available changes.

"It really varies by what Iowa Mobile Food Pantry in Des Moines has available to distribute." said Queen.

And while an increase in the amount of food pantries brings resources closer to those in need, it does have a downside.

"More of the food items have to be shared by the many food pantries and we probably don't receive as much as we used to." said Queen.

However, they have never run out of food.

Queen says any left over food is sent to another food pantry.

People may think of winter as a peak time for people going hungry but Hurte says that's not the case at all.

In fact, summer presents its own set of problems.

"While schools are in session kids are getting meals at school. Summer is coming and it's coming quickly. Those meals end at that point." said Regenea Hurte, Iowa Food Bank Association Executive Director.

That's why she says it is important for everyone to band together to tackle the problem.

"Hunger takes no breaks and we continue to fight every day to make sure every Iowan has enough to eat." said Hurte.

She says you can help fight food insecurity by volunteering at a local food pantry.

You can also donate money to help the pantry pay for food.

Food insecurity is not just an Iowa problem.

The highest percentage in Siouxland's Nebraska areas is 18.8% in Thurston County.

The lowest is 8.3% in Dakota County.

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