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The National Weather Service trains future weather spotters


The weather can, at times, turn severe, especially where we live.

That's why the National Weather Service hosted a class to train future weather spotters.

The free class was held Thursday in Sioux City, on the Western Iowa Tech campus. 

It was open to everyone and covered several different topics.

From cumulus to stratus clouds, twisters to funnels, people were trained in different weather conditions and terminology.

The National Weather Service hopes to promote safety through knowledge.

"Basically they're our eyes at the National Weather Service. We can see the storm through the radar, but we're not there right at that moment. So by using their information that they're providing to me...real time...that is very critical for us to have an effective warning system," said Todd Heitkamp, National Weather Service

Many of the attendees, including volunteer firefighters and EMTs, were required to take the class.

Others were there as a way to give back to their communities, through knowledge and safety.

"I wanted to learn more about severe weather so that way I can protect not only myself, but my family and my community. And I've always found it interesting the things that nature can do." said Taylor Strawn, Future Weather Spotter.

The National Weather Service uses information provided to the agency by those who are properly trained, and 18 and older.

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