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Dr. Anne Shadle and Jeremy Fischer share their stories of helping Olympic Athletes


South Sioux City Native Dr. Anne Shadle, that works with Olympic athletes returned home to speak to her home community alongside her co-worker Jeremey Fischer.

Shadle and Fischer talked to South Sioux City community leaders about how they got to work with Olympic Athletes.

Dr. Anne Shadle helps with researching and executing ways to make athletes perform at their best for the Olympics. 

Shadle who was a professional runner herself says her upbringing in South Sioux City is what inspired her to work to help athletes get better. 

"The environment that I grew up in I felt very loved, very supported, I had great coaches, I had great teachers, that helped me figure out my own talents, my own passions," said Dr. Anne Shadle, Sports Psychology Consultant

Along with Dr. Anne Shadle was her co-worker Jeremy Fischer. 

Fischer works with professional athletes, and most notably Olympic athletes at Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, but is passionate about helping athletes at any age live up to their potential.

"You know if I can reach a kid and can get him to the level of the Olympics or even help them from a daily standpoint. I was talking to a young man earlier about a stress factor and the things he could do to help himself to get back on the field, you know that's what I want to do, that's what I am passionate about.  "said, Jeremy Fischer, Dir. of Residence Program at Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

Shadle and Fischer also attending Coffee with the Chamber, and South Sioux City High School to share their stories. 

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