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Weather woes put area track and field teams in tight spot

The Sioux City Relays were cancelled on Friday. The Sioux City Relays were cancelled on Friday.

It's been a frustrating spring sports season, and it's all thanks to Mother Nature.
Soccer, golf, tennis, baseball and softball have all seen a number of postponements and cancellations in Siouxland. But there's more at stake for track and field athletes in Iowa.

Rain, rain, go away.

"We know there will be years like this," said Sioux City Relays Co-Director Bob Prince. "Maybe not quite this bad, but there will be years like this."

For weeks now, postponements on top of cancellations. It's all keeping runners from getting out of the blocks.

"Normally we would probably have four or five meets in by now," said Sgt. Bluff-Luton head coach Monte Larsen. "Having fewer races, fewer competitions has definitely impacted our season so far."

On Friday, Olsen Stadium was empty. The Sioux City Relays were canceled for the first time in more than 30 years.
The timing couldn't have been worse. The Drake Relays qualifying deadline is in six days.

"It robs the athletes of a chance to really get a high level of competition that it takes oftentimes, to get those times to qualify for Drake and state," said Prince.

"Each time you run a relay, or each time you run a race, you have to go into it that this may be my last chance," said East head coach Rick Clarahan. "You can't keep going with the attitude, 'well, I've got next meet if I don't do so well today.'"

With every cancellation, more teams are scrambling to add meets and qualifying opportunities. The Drake door is closing fast, and the college athletes are dealing with it, too.

"It's really tough because we're looking at nationals, and we usually have more people qualified at this time," said Morningside head coach David Nash. "There's just not shortcuts. You've just got to wait it out or grind it out harder."

So far, it's just been waiting. And it's the athletes that are paying the price.

"It's going to go down as one of the years that wasn't one of the best," said Prince.

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