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Preserving the Missouri River floodplain through photographs


A biologist from Omaha is trying to restore faith in the Missouri River...through photography. 

Alex Wiles spoke to visitors at the Betty Strong Encounter Center about his time on the nation's longest river. 

Wiles captures all walks of life living in and around the river's habitat with his camera and his intuition. 

His goal is to make people aware of the rich biodiversity that inhabits our neighboring stream of water.

"Hopefully, eventually, it will change to people wanting to recreate the original conditions of the river, to where we can utilize it more as a valuable, natural resource for recreation, for people to live next to, for our water," said Alex Wiles, conservation photographer and educator. "For all these things that we already kinds of rely on it for, but to really amplify that to the next level."

You can see all of the unique creatures and critters Wiles has captured in his lens on his website

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