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NWS: Flooding unlikely despite unseasonable snow


The unseasonable snowfall is raising concerns about possible flooding. 

But the National Weather Service says there's no real concern for flooding on the Missouri River or other area rivers like the Big Sioux River. 

They say it's so well regulated, the snowfall should not affect the river at all. 

The NWS says the unseasonable temps could help the outlying rivers when it comes to flooding. 

"We are looking at a continuation of the very cold, or cool pattern for this time of year and for the next week or so and, that's going to really be a best-case scenario as far as melting this snow off. It's going to take several days to over a week to really melt this off completely," says Mike Gillispie, Hydrologist with the National Weather Service. 

The National Weather Service says with temperatures dipping below freezing at night, it helps slow down the melting process.

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